Thursday, June 28, 2012

KGI Series - Maya Banks

Oh How I love this series for so many reasons. Who doesn't like a man that is strong, ex- navy seal / army/ marines . Each charecter is different but one thing is very much the same - they do what no one can.. Sexy, built, and hard :) and they love just as fiercely. I love the intimate parts but I also love the story. When you are reading you do not want to put the books down, I just felt "oh what is going to happen ??"love that feeling. There are 4 books out now and the 5th book is coming out soon.. Great writing! Great read! Happy reading xoxo

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Maya Banks - Sweet Series ;)

Ok this is the hottest book series I have ever read! It is raunchy and passionate and will leave you breathless.. The sweet series is written amazingly. The Charecters are captivating. I love Damon ! I love micah! I loved them all! If you want to read a series that is crazy hot, THIS IS IT! But fair warning, this is not for the PG reader ;) can't wait till the next book! Happy reading!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sylvain Reynard

There is two reasons why I love this author. 1) when He :) writes you are surrounded by captivating perfect details that you get to truly experience the story. I love "Dante and Beatrice" I remember reading and learning about them in school. I love art, and being Italian I love Italy. So for me this was a plus, because the books are surrounded by all I adore. 2) These characters are not typical, you fall in love with them. You cry, laugh & get intoxicated by the steamy parts :). I read book 1 "Gabriel's Inferno in 3 days. Loved them. I read "Gabriel's Rapture " in 2 days. There is nothing more satisfying then loving what you are reading. So though this is not sex filled. This is a great read.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vampire Series Books

Now let me just say before the book series "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyers. I was not a big fan of vampire books. BUT like everyone else I fell in love with characters Edward and Bella. So yes, I strongly recommend if you did not read the "Twilight" 4 book series, Read it! The movies are good but the books are always better. Ok, let me get back to my point. I needed something else to read but I wanted more ( adult no so PG ) books, so it was recommended by a someone to read the authors Lynsay Sands and J.R.Ward . I started Lynsay Sands "The Argeneau Series." I was so happy because it had a great story strong leading males and females,but it is sexy hot and are love based. Yup, perfect for me i am a hopeless romantic... Lynsay Sands writes books that you wish you were one of them. So enjoy! The other vampire series "Black Dagger Brotherhood Series" by J.R.Ward OMG! Hot Read!! They are all great reads some better then others but even the least favorite book is still a great read. I love both these authors. J.R.Ward writing is intriguing and hooks you in. Don't get me wrong I read the true blood series and though I love Eric the books by Charlene Harris after a while I lost interest I still have the last book half read sitting on my fireplace. I'll finish it eventually. So there are over 16 books between these two authors so this will keep you busy. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

So here are books that I can say great reads :) #1 Bared to You - by Sylvia Day ( loved this more then fifty shades) #2 The Marriage Bargain - by Jennifer Probst ( tamer on sex lol but good) #3 Beautiful Disaster - ( young love but great characters ) #4 Wicked Burn - Beth Kery ( Hot sex :)) Ok there are more but this should hold u over lol please let me know what u think. Did you like the recommendation's ? I will post more later , xoxo

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome My Friends!

Hello My Friends! Well I am creating a list of books I have read. Since "Fifty Shades"  trend it seems a lot more people are infatuated/obsessed with reading! I love to read and yes I am obsessed also. I read and I get lost in the books, it's an escape from the everyday. The laundry will be there. I am in my thirties (early thirties lol) a wife and mother of 2 children under 5. So life is not always glamorous. BUT my books are my alter ego. Who doesn't want to be swept away and pampered. What girl doesn't want to be in a sense " dominated." Listen I am a strong self secure woman, but like I said good girls like a little naughty too. So this blog will be for all my friends & girls out there who has a little naughty side. Enjoy!