Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vampire Series Books

Now let me just say before the book series "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyers. I was not a big fan of vampire books. BUT like everyone else I fell in love with characters Edward and Bella. So yes, I strongly recommend if you did not read the "Twilight" 4 book series, Read it! The movies are good but the books are always better. Ok, let me get back to my point. I needed something else to read but I wanted more ( adult no so PG ) books, so it was recommended by a someone to read the authors Lynsay Sands and J.R.Ward . I started Lynsay Sands "The Argeneau Series." I was so happy because it had a great story strong leading males and females,but it is sexy hot and are love based. Yup, perfect for me i am a hopeless romantic... Lynsay Sands writes books that you wish you were one of them. So enjoy! The other vampire series "Black Dagger Brotherhood Series" by J.R.Ward OMG! Hot Read!! They are all great reads some better then others but even the least favorite book is still a great read. I love both these authors. J.R.Ward writing is intriguing and hooks you in. Don't get me wrong I read the true blood series and though I love Eric the books by Charlene Harris after a while I lost interest I still have the last book half read sitting on my fireplace. I'll finish it eventually. So there are over 16 books between these two authors so this will keep you busy. Enjoy!


  1. Love love LOVE J.R Ward!! She can do no wrong in my eyes lol.
    I agree, I lost interest in Harris' series too, but I'll still give the final book a shot, see if it's any better. I'm just not in a rush to lol.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)
    A new follower of yours now.

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  2. Viktoria, read Lynsay Sands books they are really good, it's a great book series to break up the more steamy ones lol thanks for posting !

  3. I haven't tried Lynsay Sands yet but I LOVE BBD! The best paranormal romances I've ever read. Charlaine Harris books have fizzled out for me too. I keep reading them but have found the last 2 quite disappointing.

  4. Schnappy, I couldn't agree more :) but read lynsay sands - its hot read but each book has great story's to . I read Sands series before Wards and I loved them both. There is nothing like strong leading charecters and passionate love sequences... happy reading xoxo