Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome My Friends!

Hello My Friends! Well I am creating a list of books I have read. Since "Fifty Shades"  trend it seems a lot more people are infatuated/obsessed with reading! I love to read and yes I am obsessed also. I read and I get lost in the books, it's an escape from the everyday. The laundry will be there. I am in my thirties (early thirties lol) a wife and mother of 2 children under 5. So life is not always glamorous. BUT my books are my alter ego. Who doesn't want to be swept away and pampered. What girl doesn't want to be in a sense " dominated." Listen I am a strong self secure woman, but like I said good girls like a little naughty too. So this blog will be for all my friends & girls out there who has a little naughty side. Enjoy!

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  1. Look Ria I am making use out of our addiction !Happy Stephanie! Now i will have a list ready soon...