Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun - Quick - Reads!

So these are some of the books I have read, my quickies lol! I was kinda lucky because I have to say I liked them.Diane Albert- wrote "On One Condition" very cutesy type read. Is it my favorite no - but I am a sucker for the handsome wealthy man who wants to sweep a girl off her feet. So fun read. Daring Time by Beth Kery. This is a story that has a supernatural aspect. Ryan Daire inherits an old mansion, that through the mansion Hope Stillwater and Daire communicate. Except she is from the year 1906. Sounds strange and it is but it is also quiet addicting. I liked it. It's raw desire and heat makes u blush! And you know I like my naughty blushes :) the author Beth Kery also wrote "Wicked Burn" which I really liked! In the first 8 pages Hot Sex! So u understand I loved it lol! But the story is great, Niall Chandler is a woman that is very relatable, kind, successfull, but her heart is broken. Vic Savian is the next door niebor I want! Lol! He is play writer that is putting together his show. He is a strong hot charecter. Sexy read;) Ok I am now reading "collision Course" by S.C. Stephens I just started so can't tell u yet my thoughts. So hope u like these fast reads :) happy reading!xoxo

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