Friday, July 20, 2012

Rock Me- Cherrie Lynn

This book was great! I personally do not have a tattoo BUT I swear if Brian was the tattoo artist I would be covered!!! He is sexy hot! The fact that he has piercings even makes him that more DELISH! The way he caters to her sexually is --> OMG! The story pulls u in, Strickt parents bad boy reputation - yup, totally relatable. I hate that I read this out of sequence, this is book 2. I am reading book 1 - "Unleashed" now. But I have to say I didn't feel like I was missing something, which made me happy. So read these books, and then tell me : How hot is Brian and those piercings? ;) Yummy! Happy Reading ! Xoxo

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  1. This book was GREAT! I wish there was a little bit more afterwards like a Prologue like Unleashed but I guess you get a little bit of how they are in book 3, Leave me Breathless! OMG, this was a great book, however, just like this book I wish it had a Prologue and I really wish she would have ended with her showing Seth that in fact she did get back on the horse and ride it! I hope there is a book that follow ups at least Seth and Brian and their relationships because we kind of know what happens with Evan and Kelsey!