Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Easy- by Tammara Webber

This book was recommended to me and I am so glad it was! The book is by Tammara Webber its called "EASY" it was amazing. Its about a college student named Jacqueline. She attends a college that she chose not because it fit her future goals but because her high school boyfriend was going there. Never expecting a few weeks after her sophomore year that they would break up she was devastated and the once perfect life was now mess. She has a great best friend and roommate that convinces her to attend a frat party to lift her spirits. That night changed everything because soon leaving the party (alone) she was attacked and that's when she was saved by a complete stranger. That stranger that she never seen before all of a sudden keeps showing up. She is pulled to him. She is saved by him in so many ways. Lucas is now also drawn to her. He almost becomes her protector and in the mist of all of this he has his own past that he is hiding. He finds himself wanting things with Jacqueline but his internal struggle does this pull in push away thing. I love Lucas. I love the e-mails and little things he does. But most of all I love the way those book puts shows that "Everything happens for a reason, " to true affect. Trust is never easy. But this book "EASY"is wonderful , TRUST ME :)! LOVED IT! Happy Reading :) xoxo

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wrong Bed, Right Guy- Katee Robert

This book had me laughing and swooning all at the same time. It's about a girl named Elle Walser that is usually a well reserved person. She does not curse, always behaves properly UNTIL one night she throws caution to the wind and slips into the bed of her boss (she has a crush on him forvever) and decides to do something about it- to bad the person that was making her al hot and heavy was NOT her boss! there is some funny lines in this book that made me laugh out loud. The male charecter in this book is Gabe Schultz. He is the type of person that would usually intimitadte the Elle type of woman, but i found myself totally loving him! Tattoo's and a Manly man, equalls HOT SEXY MAN!
OMG! The Love/Sex scenes are fantastic :) oh to be that reckless and free ! sigh!! its a quick fun read ! I Must say the writer Katee must have a funny personality in her real life because the book has some hysterical lines! Trust me Read it!

 Wrong Bed, Right Guy READ IT!!


So excited ! just read the first chapter !! **Ahhh Swoon**** Love Him! Gideon is back Yay! though it is only one chapter October can not come fast enough :)
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Happy Reading! oxox

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock Star Hot BookS! YummY !

Let me first start by saying I have been on this rock star kick lately :) Maybe subconsciously I wanted to be a groupie or something. Lol!  Olivia Cunning wrote a series called :"Sinners On Tour" it was Sexy, Steamy, and all the good stuff in between . the first book is called " Backstage Pass." Brian Sinclair is the lead guitarist of this HOT metal band "Sinners". When he meets Myrna Evans the sparks and passion are so intense that I know what I want to be in my next life :) When circumstances allow her to  go on tour with them, Brian and Myrna have a deal. nothing serious but when one want , needs more the struggle begins.. The scenes they have especially the tour bus when trey gets involved OMG! trust me this is a giggle -blush book !
"Rock Hard" is the second book to "Sinners on Tour" its about Sedric and Jessica. (SEDRIC IS MY FAVORITE so far :) He is the handsome Sexy lead singer of the band that has multitude of girls at his beck and call. Jessica was the one who got away. Ex fiance, that left him broken, when there paths cross in an unlikely place. ALL THINGS CHANGE.. Sed's emotions get shaken and Jessica wants payback. Jessica is a self sufficient girl who wants to be a lawyer and sedric wants to always take her independence away ,(so she thinks). The sex in this book --------> IF ONLY IT COULD REALLY HAPPEN lol! Sed is one sexy man and he has an endearing love for her that he cant express..
READ THIS SERIES!! it is a fun read and will get you hot and bothered :) Let me know what you think?
Olivia Cunning's also wrote a new rock series, "Try Me" is the first of Three. This is about the band  "Sole Regret"  Melanie goes with her crazy best friend to a concert because she wants to hook up with one of the band members. When Melanie finds herself once again in a fucked up situation because of her friend she meets someone and is relieved that this guy is normal compared to all the heavy tattooed,pierced, and scary looking band members. Gabe is intrigued by her because she has no clue who he is and finds her extremely sexy.. They wind up hooking up for a one time fling. Lets just say Gabe knows one night is not enough to fulfill his need for Melanie.. Now the situation is not ideal but they are at a cross path to continue or turn away.. SOOOOO GOOD!!! Read this !

I hope I gave a good description of these books- I never want to give away to much, But on a scale of hot sex 1-10 it's a 9! and I am a sucker for  lovey dovey Stuff.
Happy Reading! xoxoxo   I put a link to her site :)

Monday, August 20, 2012


Hi everyone , sorry I have not posted in a while crazy here in me casa :) But I have read some GREAT BOOKS ! So I will let all of you know in a little while ( when the children are sleeping lol!) please let me know if anyone has read anything really good lately, I am always interested in what others are reading :) Happy reading ! Xoxo

Friday, August 10, 2012

Lynsay Sands " The Lady Is A Vamp" (#17 Argeneau Vampire Series)

I still love Lynsay Sands :) I read this in 3 days and though i have not been going towards the "vampire type" books lately. I have a sorta commitment to this series. i feel an sorta  connection to it lol! but as always it was a pleasant surprise.  It was a about Jeanne Louise Argeneau ( sister of Nicholas , love him still lol) and the fact she was kidnapped by a co worker Paul. What should be a a horrific situation turns out to be the opposite. The back story of Paul pulls at your heart, and you feel yourself rooting for him! And of coarse The sex scenes in this is - Blushing good lol!
OK, So- bottom line - YUP! Still LOVE my Vampires :{  <---- that's my Vamp teeth lol!
Happy Reading! xoxo

New Reads!

Hi Everyone!
OK.  I know it has been a while that i gave any blogs, a little crazy here. So I do have more books that i need to tell you about.  I will first let you know about this mini series by Beth Kery , "Because Your Mine."
It has about 7 mini books ( 4 chapters in each).  I really like it! Ian is a Dom type, and very hot!! i do wish it was one big book. I find myself  wanting to continue reading and frustrated that i have to wait a week for the next. So far though REALLY ENJOYING IT! HOT SEXY SEX! ;) love Beth Kery!
I also read "The Wild Ones" by   M.Leighton.  Its a good book ,  who wouldn't like a hot guy named Trick. He is a Southern boy/man, loves his mom, loves horses, drives an old mustang and most of all S-E-X-Y! He captures the attention of his bosses daughter but was made VERY clear , Do not go near her! ya well we all know we want what the heart wants :).. I really liked this book! It was a "Treat."
OK. Starting a new series so i will update soon, Happy Reading !xoxox

Friday, August 3, 2012

"Slammed" & " Point of Retreat" by Colleen Hoover

Where do I begin. This book is not filled with sexy sex scenes. It is not a quick read (although I did finish it in a day). It is though up there with one of the books that i am glad I read. It was touching, I cried, the ugly sniffling type cry. I also couldn't put it down. It is about a boy/man named Will & a girl named Layken. They are both are characters that had bad things happen to them. They go through things separately with in there own lives, Yet how fate does things they are in each others lives for a reason. "Slammed" is a form of poetry that you use your words and stage presents to perform in front of others. I actually have heard of this before but never went to an open mic night. Now i am intrigued to go. This is Will's outlet. His thing. Oh how i loved it! After reading this book i know few things for sure. I will never look at a pink balloon the same way. I will follow my heart & head. But most of all i will try to remember "no regrets." If you want a great book that will deal with various emotions then READ THIS! Can not wait to read part 2. Bravo Colleen Hoover !Happy Reading !xoxo


OK, In this book Layken and Will have already experienced the fight and hardship of getting together in book one. This is book is going to push them to the limits. Questioning everything. Questions "why are we really together?" And then throw the wrench in that wills past comes back and Layken freaks out emotionally and Physically. everyone in love at one point says or feels "Is this really real? " the What ifs." In the end only whats meant to be "will" be. I am glad i read this. I do wish there was some better hot sex scenes but that's my naughty side. you know i love  Will and you will too! Happy Reading! xox

oxColleen Hoover