Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rock Star Hot BookS! YummY !

Let me first start by saying I have been on this rock star kick lately :) Maybe subconsciously I wanted to be a groupie or something. Lol!  Olivia Cunning wrote a series called :"Sinners On Tour" it was Sexy, Steamy, and all the good stuff in between . the first book is called " Backstage Pass." Brian Sinclair is the lead guitarist of this HOT metal band "Sinners". When he meets Myrna Evans the sparks and passion are so intense that I know what I want to be in my next life :) When circumstances allow her to  go on tour with them, Brian and Myrna have a deal. nothing serious but when one want , needs more the struggle begins.. The scenes they have especially the tour bus when trey gets involved OMG! trust me this is a giggle -blush book !
"Rock Hard" is the second book to "Sinners on Tour" its about Sedric and Jessica. (SEDRIC IS MY FAVORITE so far :) He is the handsome Sexy lead singer of the band that has multitude of girls at his beck and call. Jessica was the one who got away. Ex fiance, that left him broken, when there paths cross in an unlikely place. ALL THINGS CHANGE.. Sed's emotions get shaken and Jessica wants payback. Jessica is a self sufficient girl who wants to be a lawyer and sedric wants to always take her independence away ,(so she thinks). The sex in this book --------> IF ONLY IT COULD REALLY HAPPEN lol! Sed is one sexy man and he has an endearing love for her that he cant express..
READ THIS SERIES!! it is a fun read and will get you hot and bothered :) Let me know what you think?
Olivia Cunning's also wrote a new rock series, "Try Me" is the first of Three. This is about the band  "Sole Regret"  Melanie goes with her crazy best friend to a concert because she wants to hook up with one of the band members. When Melanie finds herself once again in a fucked up situation because of her friend she meets someone and is relieved that this guy is normal compared to all the heavy tattooed,pierced, and scary looking band members. Gabe is intrigued by her because she has no clue who he is and finds her extremely sexy.. They wind up hooking up for a one time fling. Lets just say Gabe knows one night is not enough to fulfill his need for Melanie.. Now the situation is not ideal but they are at a cross path to continue or turn away.. SOOOOO GOOD!!! Read this !

I hope I gave a good description of these books- I never want to give away to much, But on a scale of hot sex 1-10 it's a 9! and I am a sucker for  lovey dovey Stuff.
Happy Reading! xoxoxo   I put a link to her site :)

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