Friday, August 3, 2012

"Slammed" & " Point of Retreat" by Colleen Hoover

Where do I begin. This book is not filled with sexy sex scenes. It is not a quick read (although I did finish it in a day). It is though up there with one of the books that i am glad I read. It was touching, I cried, the ugly sniffling type cry. I also couldn't put it down. It is about a boy/man named Will & a girl named Layken. They are both are characters that had bad things happen to them. They go through things separately with in there own lives, Yet how fate does things they are in each others lives for a reason. "Slammed" is a form of poetry that you use your words and stage presents to perform in front of others. I actually have heard of this before but never went to an open mic night. Now i am intrigued to go. This is Will's outlet. His thing. Oh how i loved it! After reading this book i know few things for sure. I will never look at a pink balloon the same way. I will follow my heart & head. But most of all i will try to remember "no regrets." If you want a great book that will deal with various emotions then READ THIS! Can not wait to read part 2. Bravo Colleen Hoover !Happy Reading !xoxo


OK, In this book Layken and Will have already experienced the fight and hardship of getting together in book one. This is book is going to push them to the limits. Questioning everything. Questions "why are we really together?" And then throw the wrench in that wills past comes back and Layken freaks out emotionally and Physically. everyone in love at one point says or feels "Is this really real? " the What ifs." In the end only whats meant to be "will" be. I am glad i read this. I do wish there was some better hot sex scenes but that's my naughty side. you know i love  Will and you will too! Happy Reading! xox

oxColleen Hoover

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