Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quick Hello :)

Just a quick "Hi" to my followers :)
So this is what I have been up to. I have been  reading but not as much as I would like. This is when being a mom of two small children comes into play.. I am very excited that in ONE WEEK  book 2 of "Bared to You" will be here! Sigh......... I miss Gideon :0) I am also trying to set up a book club, I know many of you like the Hot Sexy books (like me) but I also know that book after book of Hot Sex can get repetitive and looses its steamy butterfly in the tummy effect.. I am a romantic, so that is the basis of my reading.. I need a great story ( with hot sexy moments) that's why I loved "Crash", "Slammed", etc... I am looking forward to the next couple of months because SOOO MANY great books are going to be coming out.. I will touch base soon, bare with me I have a teething 15 mth. old Ugh..  Hope all of you are enjoying your day! Happy Reading! xoxo

Monday, September 17, 2012

HONOR SERIES-- By Teresa Mummert

 Teresa Mummert is the author of  "Honor Student" & "Honor Thy Teacher" & "Honor & Obey"- The 1st book is in the perspective of Emma Townsend. She is literally going through life in a self -destructive way. She has had a rough life that overtly made a social life null and void. She then walks into the class room of her history teacher that from the rocked her already unstable life to the core. He can not keep his distance. He can not turn away. He commands her. IT IS HOT! Her character is a natural submissive.Right and Wrong lines are blurred and crossed. Book 1 brings the character's face to face with many decisions.
******SKIP IF YOU DID NOT READ******  :)
 Book 2 is about William Honor, His view.William is a Dom type character. He is dark, many secrets. He has a past that after i read a certain passage my mouth was dropped. ( That does not happen often)You would think reading the two books it would be repetitive BUT it wasn't ! His view let you know more about what was going on , the "whys?" made clearer.  Reading the second book clarified a lot . The second book was a little dark but I think that's why I liked it ;) I also like the play room :) read it you will see!
 ******SKIP IF YOU DID NOT READ****** :)
Now book 3: "Honor and Obey"  I actually really liked it.  I loved how the author showed the passion the need for each other. I also loved the crazy twist!  I do not like how short it was. I always said from the start I will only post the books i loved, the books I would tell you that i was glad I bought because they are worth reading.. Yes I was glad I read it, was it worth reading? Yes, but way too short and many things left opened. I hope she writes more regarding them. I do not want to spoil this book and tell to much--BUT there  better be another book! I invested a lot of  time on William and Emma- I need closure... On that still read this series, maybe there is something I missed? let me know...
THIS BOOK IS HOT! SEXY! HOT! just thought I would throw that in lol!
Happy Reading! XOXOXO

Find :"Honor Student" by Teresa Mummert (HERE)
 Find : "Honor Thy Teacher" - by Teresa Mummert (Here)
Find : "Honor & Obey" - by Teresa Mummert (HERE)

Friday, September 14, 2012

"10 NIGHTS" by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones

"10 NIGHTS" - by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones
I was very fortunate to be asked to read a book that I probable on my own would not have known about, "10 Nights" written by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones. This book is about a graduate student that all her life concentrated on having a bright successful future as a lawyer. But because she never focused on men or relationships she is a 24 year old virgin. Her best friend for years convinced he to go out one night, bringing her to come face to face with a lifestyle that was non- existent and overwhelming to her...Filled with overwhelming emotions she tries to exit and literally runs into the person that will change her life forever..
Rhett... Oh Rhett!! I have chills just thinking of him... Still not sure if I love him or if I am scared shit less.LOL! He is the King of Dom's, He never crosses the emotions of submissive and control. HE ALWAYS HAS CONTROL! (AND ITS HOT!!) His steal armor gets a niche though, Leah at an instant captivates him with curiosity.. HE WANTS HER! This is when all the fun and crazy shit happens.. He offer her the chance to experience a taste of this life style, 10 Nights.. She has to give him total control and that's it, use your safety word and the whole experience ends.. Leah agrees.....Virgin to submissive...This book was great! I was shocked ( love when a book can do that) I was swooning , I was uncomfortable and I loved it.. I have to tell there are unbelievable love scenes, But there are a few dark ones too... It was written fantastic.. I was so happy I read it ! READ THIS BOOK! Thank you Michelle Hughes! Happy Reading ! xoxo

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Because You Are Mine-(-Mini Series) -by Beth Kery


This is a bunch of mini books- each download is 2 chapters approx. 60 pages each.. Here is the thing I enjoy Beth Kery's writing. It is hot and sexy and love the naughtiness...  This series is about an up and coming painter named Francesca Arno, she has been commissioned to paint a huge mural for Ian Nobel..Ian Nobel is young billionaire from London. When they first meet they both feel the sexual attraction immediately. Ian knows that Francesca is exactly the type he can not resist, the control freak that he is ( I mean that in every hot sexy way that's good & bad lol!) he wants what he wants.. Francesca is new and innocent. With little to none sexual experience, Ian Noble is what mature VERY Experienced women can sometimes not handle... Ian propositions her, because one kiss, one time is not enough.. He hates feeling like this, weak.. He is a natural Dominant- She is a natural Submissive.Francesca wants Ian but can not come to terms with being a natural submissive, she feels confused with her feelings. Francesca aslo knows that she WANTS Ian, &  that is not confusing at all....A Submissive that in turn will test her Dom partner. Ian battles internally with Francesca's innocence and his tortured feelings for her. Francesca Just wants to figure out who Ian really is and his feelings towards her. Ian is battling many emotional battles, his past and his future.. The Sex is Hot!!! Ian just oozes power, control, Sexy.... I still have two more to read out Eight! ( But I am loving these novella's) I wish it was one big book, I would have paid $20 for it and it would be worth it.  I think that Christian Grey and Gideon Cross may have competition with Ian Noble..Just my opinion ;) --here are the links : HAPPY READING! You want hot sex this is it lol! Happy Reading! xoxox



"Clash" - by Nicole Williams (book 2 from Crash)

Jude!!! Oh How I Missed YOU!!!  My god how i was counting the days to this book came out. What can i say I seem to love Bad boys lol!

Let me just start with Jude at the end of book one "Crash" he is at his frat party, that he somehow got Lucy un-knowingly to attend. Then all of a sudden Lucy is getting serenaded by the football team because of the "Amazing Jude Ryder" ( Yes I love him! Swooning!!) ! HELLO!! LOVE HIM! The way he loves her is so intense I am envious... He always had issues with his temper and what triggers it. Lucy knows that Jude loves her and that they are meant to be BUT with her going to achieve her dancing dreams 5 hours away leaving them only weekends together. Lucy finds herself unable to fight the jealousy battle with Jude's spirit sister ( a cheerleader assigned to take care of every need for him). This girl wants him ,Adriana.. Jude is put to the test. Lucy is Pushed over the line. Things get CRAZY !!! I love Jude because he truly is trying to do right by Lucy, and Lucy has to make a decision : Do I stay on the roller coaster or is love just not enough...They both always knew that they loved each other, they also always waited for the floor to drop from under them... Grabbing the rope to hold on just might be impossible...  I do not want to give away anything ( I hate when people do that) I also do not think i am giving this book justice-Because I love it SOOO MUCH!!-- PLEASE READ IT!
 I LOVE  JUDE :) Happy endings are what you make of them ...Happy Reading !! xoxox


"Avoiding Commitment" - by K.A. Linde

LOVED THIS BOOK!! This book is about Jack and Lexi. They have know each other for YEARS and they were never really "friends" in the true meaning.. They were always a bit more then that.. Everyone in there life can relate to Lexi and Jack. Girl meets Hot Boy, girl falls for boy, boy seems to care for girl but never commits to girl (that he truly wants), and girls holds on to hope for the "maybe one day."  OK here is the thing this book is so well written that the typical story of  jack and Lexi is CONSUMING!! I have never wanted to throw my nook across the room as much as I did! I wanted to kill Jack, Yet I love him.. I wanted to shake Lexi, Yet i totally get it... So when Jack calls Lexi after 2 years to help him out with his new girlfriend Becka - Lexi should say NO! But Lexi believes This will finally give her closure... to let go and move on... Obviously when you put the two of them in a close proximity - Moving on and closure is two things that are not in their DNA.... Its a book you cant put down.. and I guaranty to the very last page your mouth will drop! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2 : Avoiding Responsibility!!! This author is UNBELIEVABLE !  :Let me know your thoughts! Happy Reading! xoxox
Hello My Friends :)
Well I have been very busy, Now that the summer has come to an end and my daughter started Kindergarten :( Things have been a bit crazy... But I have read some great books!! I wanted to say thank you for all the people who visit my blog. I do this because reading is "MY TIME" and I love it.. If I get one person to pick up the book I love and they love it--- All this is worth it ! So the more who join and follow the more things I will be able to do for you :) SO on that note, I will be posting my latest book reads.. 
Happy Reading- The Sweet and Sassy Bookworm  XOXO