Friday, September 14, 2012

"10 NIGHTS" by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones

"10 NIGHTS" - by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones
I was very fortunate to be asked to read a book that I probable on my own would not have known about, "10 Nights" written by Michelle Hughes & Karl Jones. This book is about a graduate student that all her life concentrated on having a bright successful future as a lawyer. But because she never focused on men or relationships she is a 24 year old virgin. Her best friend for years convinced he to go out one night, bringing her to come face to face with a lifestyle that was non- existent and overwhelming to her...Filled with overwhelming emotions she tries to exit and literally runs into the person that will change her life forever..
Rhett... Oh Rhett!! I have chills just thinking of him... Still not sure if I love him or if I am scared shit less.LOL! He is the King of Dom's, He never crosses the emotions of submissive and control. HE ALWAYS HAS CONTROL! (AND ITS HOT!!) His steal armor gets a niche though, Leah at an instant captivates him with curiosity.. HE WANTS HER! This is when all the fun and crazy shit happens.. He offer her the chance to experience a taste of this life style, 10 Nights.. She has to give him total control and that's it, use your safety word and the whole experience ends.. Leah agrees.....Virgin to submissive...This book was great! I was shocked ( love when a book can do that) I was swooning , I was uncomfortable and I loved it.. I have to tell there are unbelievable love scenes, But there are a few dark ones too... It was written fantastic.. I was so happy I read it ! READ THIS BOOK! Thank you Michelle Hughes! Happy Reading ! xoxo

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