Sunday, September 9, 2012

"Avoiding Commitment" - by K.A. Linde

LOVED THIS BOOK!! This book is about Jack and Lexi. They have know each other for YEARS and they were never really "friends" in the true meaning.. They were always a bit more then that.. Everyone in there life can relate to Lexi and Jack. Girl meets Hot Boy, girl falls for boy, boy seems to care for girl but never commits to girl (that he truly wants), and girls holds on to hope for the "maybe one day."  OK here is the thing this book is so well written that the typical story of  jack and Lexi is CONSUMING!! I have never wanted to throw my nook across the room as much as I did! I wanted to kill Jack, Yet I love him.. I wanted to shake Lexi, Yet i totally get it... So when Jack calls Lexi after 2 years to help him out with his new girlfriend Becka - Lexi should say NO! But Lexi believes This will finally give her closure... to let go and move on... Obviously when you put the two of them in a close proximity - Moving on and closure is two things that are not in their DNA.... Its a book you cant put down.. and I guaranty to the very last page your mouth will drop! I CAN NOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2 : Avoiding Responsibility!!! This author is UNBELIEVABLE !  :Let me know your thoughts! Happy Reading! xoxox

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