Sunday, September 9, 2012

Because You Are Mine-(-Mini Series) -by Beth Kery


This is a bunch of mini books- each download is 2 chapters approx. 60 pages each.. Here is the thing I enjoy Beth Kery's writing. It is hot and sexy and love the naughtiness...  This series is about an up and coming painter named Francesca Arno, she has been commissioned to paint a huge mural for Ian Nobel..Ian Nobel is young billionaire from London. When they first meet they both feel the sexual attraction immediately. Ian knows that Francesca is exactly the type he can not resist, the control freak that he is ( I mean that in every hot sexy way that's good & bad lol!) he wants what he wants.. Francesca is new and innocent. With little to none sexual experience, Ian Noble is what mature VERY Experienced women can sometimes not handle... Ian propositions her, because one kiss, one time is not enough.. He hates feeling like this, weak.. He is a natural Dominant- She is a natural Submissive.Francesca wants Ian but can not come to terms with being a natural submissive, she feels confused with her feelings. Francesca aslo knows that she WANTS Ian, &  that is not confusing at all....A Submissive that in turn will test her Dom partner. Ian battles internally with Francesca's innocence and his tortured feelings for her. Francesca Just wants to figure out who Ian really is and his feelings towards her. Ian is battling many emotional battles, his past and his future.. The Sex is Hot!!! Ian just oozes power, control, Sexy.... I still have two more to read out Eight! ( But I am loving these novella's) I wish it was one big book, I would have paid $20 for it and it would be worth it.  I think that Christian Grey and Gideon Cross may have competition with Ian Noble..Just my opinion ;) --here are the links : HAPPY READING! You want hot sex this is it lol! Happy Reading! xoxox



  1. I just finished #7 of this series and OMG! I LOVE Ian!! I don't want the next to be the last! :(
    I do wish this was one novel..i hate having to wait ... Lol! I guess that's a good thing, because it means its that good! Read it! Xoxox

  2. I read book 8 and I love Ian even more..... What I liked about this series was Francesca and her strong character . I am glad to know that in January I am to believe that there will be a book out Ian :) I miss him already. .. Thank goodness there are books that are coming out soon to ease my pain lol!!! Thought this was written really good... let me know how u feel, Happy Reading! Xoxo