Monday, September 17, 2012

HONOR SERIES-- By Teresa Mummert

 Teresa Mummert is the author of  "Honor Student" & "Honor Thy Teacher" & "Honor & Obey"- The 1st book is in the perspective of Emma Townsend. She is literally going through life in a self -destructive way. She has had a rough life that overtly made a social life null and void. She then walks into the class room of her history teacher that from the rocked her already unstable life to the core. He can not keep his distance. He can not turn away. He commands her. IT IS HOT! Her character is a natural submissive.Right and Wrong lines are blurred and crossed. Book 1 brings the character's face to face with many decisions.
******SKIP IF YOU DID NOT READ******  :)
 Book 2 is about William Honor, His view.William is a Dom type character. He is dark, many secrets. He has a past that after i read a certain passage my mouth was dropped. ( That does not happen often)You would think reading the two books it would be repetitive BUT it wasn't ! His view let you know more about what was going on , the "whys?" made clearer.  Reading the second book clarified a lot . The second book was a little dark but I think that's why I liked it ;) I also like the play room :) read it you will see!
 ******SKIP IF YOU DID NOT READ****** :)
Now book 3: "Honor and Obey"  I actually really liked it.  I loved how the author showed the passion the need for each other. I also loved the crazy twist!  I do not like how short it was. I always said from the start I will only post the books i loved, the books I would tell you that i was glad I bought because they are worth reading.. Yes I was glad I read it, was it worth reading? Yes, but way too short and many things left opened. I hope she writes more regarding them. I do not want to spoil this book and tell to much--BUT there  better be another book! I invested a lot of  time on William and Emma- I need closure... On that still read this series, maybe there is something I missed? let me know...
THIS BOOK IS HOT! SEXY! HOT! just thought I would throw that in lol!
Happy Reading! XOXOXO

Find :"Honor Student" by Teresa Mummert (HERE)
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Find : "Honor & Obey" - by Teresa Mummert (HERE)

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