Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hello My Friends! OK I was trying to figure out what is the best way to let every one know what I have been reading.. Because of my Hurricane Sandy situation it left me unable to use the internet.. NOW I AM BACK ! YAY!!! SO I decided I am going to "Group"them. I am going to to list the books that are angst (example: " "Avoiding Commitment " type, really good book but you have a knot in your stomach lol!) & My Hot Erotic Sexy books (Example: "Rock hard" Hot Alpha Males that makes your tummy and other parts tingle ;) 
So Here it is :
Lets start of with the books I couldn't put down because I just wanted to know what will  the outcome be :
1* "Undeniable"- by  Madeline Sheehan
This is about Bikers, (Think "Sons of Anarchy" mixed with "Romeo and Juliet" but  HOT!) It is the story of Eva & Deuce  It takes you through the journey of there lives. It is Sweet and yet Dirty, you fall in love with Deuce from the start.. He is the "Prez" of his crew and falls for the daughter of the rival crew. It gets dangerous, and twisted. AND I LOVED IT! I read this book on the blind ( which means i had no idea what it was about,) I am glad I did because i feel it drew me in so much more.. There is something really sexy about a man who just cant stay away even though he should.. Eva is sweet and good that in time gets tainted but yet always, ALWAYS carries Deuce close to her heart :) Read it !


2*"Defying The Odds"-by Kele Moon
The story of  Melody & Clay. LOVE CLAY!! He is a UFC Fighter and is the raining heavyweight champion. He is know in his small town Garret to be a loner, intimidating, quiet. His best friends Wyatt and Jules are the only ones to really know him. Melody is trying to start over just moving to this town and waitress at the diner. There lives forever change because once Clay sees her, something that was sleeping inside him for an eternity wakes up-- desire and love... loved it! I am a sucker for this stuff :) 

3*"Love Unscripted "book 1 & "Love Unrehearsed" - by Tina Reber

Ryan Christiensen...... Oh my.... RYAN CHRISTIENSEN!!! ok. I will be good... Love him.. These two books Really made me stay sane during this hurricane mess.. So thank you Tina Reber for writing a fantastic series... ok back to what it is about.. Ryan is a famous actor, he is shooting his new movie in the small town where he litterallyt runs into Taryn Mitchell. Literally runs into her life. you can say she treats him different from everyone else because she is not screaming jumping up and down because he is famous. He appreciates that. There is an instant connection between them but Taryn is not that willing.. Hollywood is trying to destroy them, and her simple life just got thrown out the window. It will make you laugh, cry, butterflies.. loved it.. please read it... Really GOOD!! 
             /Love-Unscripted-ebook                                                  /Love-Unrehearsed-ebook

*4 "The Oppertunist"- by Tarryn Fisher
OMG! I threw my nook! This book was great but till this day it haunts me..... I repeat the last paragraph in my head sooo many times.. Probable my subconsciousness . Olivia Kaspan runs into her Ex- boyfriend ( the one who got away) in a store and finds out he has memory loss from an accident.. She feels this is a second chance for her, because the way it ended in the past he does not remember.. Problem is that he has a girlfriend that is causing obstacle's ... Caleb is worth it...But the ups and downs, drive you crazy. But, Soon enough Olivia has to face consequences, the lies and deception has to stop... will it be too little to late.. price to be a good person. start new... would you do it?  READ IT!!

5** "The Boy Who Sneaks In My Bedroom Window"-Kristy Moseley
Liam..Liam...Liam.... Simply said, AMAZING !!  The story of them will break your heart and put it back together..I can only say i have two girls and if i can wish for them to find a "Liam" i can have a happy heart.. I WANT A LIAM ! LOL! I needed this book, am so glad my cousin told me to read it and that we had WiFi for that 5 min. in a middle of a storm to get it, because it was beautiful love that made me cry.... Can not tell you haw good it was, no words. JUST READ IT!!

1*"Knight"-by Kristen Ashley
Knight Sebring know what he wants, gets what he wants, destroys anything that gets in his way to what he wants.He is a dark, mysterious character with many layers.. He meets Anya randomly, and he tries to leave her to her safe white picket fence life BUT she keeps finding herself in situations that cause Knight to step in... Knight then goes all in... and if this type of man existed HELLO! no words...Its  dark and luscious.. enjoy... 
2* "Naked"-by  Raine Miller
Brynn Bennet is an art student that poses for her best friend (the cover photo) and when multi-millionaire Ethan Blackstone sees the photo instantly is captured by it. At there first meeting Ethan wants her. He will not take no for an answer.. He hires her to paint a mural for his building. Brynn can not understand the pull he has on her. She is seduced by the mysteriously dominating Man.. She wants him.. but ALL of him.. There are some hot sex scenes that I still think about :) lol! I love that it is a series ! This is book 1. The Blackstone Affair.  

3** "Double Time"- by Olivia Cunnings (sinners on tour series book 3)
***********DON'T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ BOOKS 1 &2!!**********
O.k. I lover books 1 & 2 but i was not happy that this book should have been book 4- its out of sequence :(  so at first i was like - huh?? did i miss something then i found out was published out of order.. Still good. Very erotic, threesomes galore but not my favorite. I do love Trey, the triangle between trey-Ethan-Olivia is as hot as they come ( no pun intended lol!) He loves Brian for years but knows he has to let go. To move on . In walks in the girl version of Brian, he thought "This is it" but he could not deny his other part of himself.. Olivia then offers him something that changed there lives forever...(Sex is Hot graphic and did I say HOT!)


4** "Devoured"- by Emily Snow
Sienna Jensen receives a phone call from home that her grandmothers hows has been sold because her house went into foreclosure   Seinna never thought she would have to return to this small town but because she loves her grandmother so much she takes a leave at work to help her. To only find out the one who bought the house was none other then the man who broke her apart.. Lucas a famous country singer. When he sees her - all things add up to this. He will HAVE her! So he makes a proposition, 10 days with him. His rules. His way. The house will be her grand mothers. Can she do it? will she?? He is dark. Erotic. Control he must have. ooohhhh!  SOO hot! warmed up my cold nights lol! enjoy!

I read a few more but honestly,not good- since I only put on what I like I am not adding them- so let me know if you liked these. I love hearing from you. Makes me feel like I am doing this for a reason.. Thank again.. XOXOX Happy Reading, Your Sweet and Sassy Bookworm :)

Friday, November 9, 2012


So if you are wondering where have I been - I am Soo sorry, I live on Long Island NY .. I have been with out power for over 6 nights. I have READ many books (8) since the last post.. I have power now!! So I will be updating this weekend. I am sorry I have not been able to be on my blog :( 
But I learned an important thing during hurricane sandy - 1) it's Amazing how people are more good then bad 2) I can cook anything on a gas stove & 3) If it were not for my nook I would have lost it!!!!! So my bookworm friends - get ready for my update's ;) thank u for being patient .. Xoxoxo