Friday, November 9, 2012


So if you are wondering where have I been - I am Soo sorry, I live on Long Island NY .. I have been with out power for over 6 nights. I have READ many books (8) since the last post.. I have power now!! So I will be updating this weekend. I am sorry I have not been able to be on my blog :( 
But I learned an important thing during hurricane sandy - 1) it's Amazing how people are more good then bad 2) I can cook anything on a gas stove & 3) If it were not for my nook I would have lost it!!!!! So my bookworm friends - get ready for my update's ;) thank u for being patient .. Xoxoxo 


  1. Hello there! I just stumbled across your blog the other day. I had just finished reading "easy" by Tammara and I was obsessed with it and happened to see a post on your blog about it.
    I live in southern NJ, and while not as greatly impacted by Hurricane Sandy as you, I understand the devastation. I am so sorry for your loss of power and any other damages incurred, and am glad to see you survived and kept on reading!
    It seems we share similar tastes in books, so I can't wait to read your updates! Take care and thanks for the great book recommendations :)

  2. Hi JamieRose,
    I am so glad you like my blog :)Its has been a rough month :( BUT being a New Yorker - We are made tough LOL! I am going to post a list of books I read during my "no power" situation.. It defiantly kept my sanity.. Don't forget to join!
    I LOVED EASY ...Sigh :) Always looking for a new book to read so let me know if there are any you can recommend. Happy Reading ! xoxo