Sunday, September 15, 2013

The DrivenTrilogy - K.Bromberg

Let me say this first! One of my favorite reads this year. I read them both in 4 days and I can not tell you enough how I am passed that I did not realize book three is not out yet... I usually like to read them together because I an a very impatient person ;) 
Well I fucking loved this book series as so far READ THIS BOOK!  
It's about a broken girl who has issues from the past that after years SHE can not move on from.
Rylee Thomas I love SHE is hysterical and solo relatable. She has a job taking care of boys young boys that have no one.. Her  us selflessness is admirable. She has her hands full with the hope to expand her foundation. So at her event to get donations she found herself locked in a closet, to then be rescued by the man who would finally bring her back to life.  Yet also throw challenges that will test her emotionally and professionally. 
Colten Donovan, the race car driver that is the most wanted man to date. All the girls want him all the men want to be like him. He has a playboy lifestyle.  Yet he has this other side a side who helps children, the broken one's , the ones he can relate to. Children has demons,secrets, and scares. He believes he does not deserve love and will never feel it. I believe he truly doesn't want to. Until he opens the door to what I think at done point was his heart to a girl that will drive him to the limits and push back... I love Colton. I love him and his wickedly way of thinking. He is commanding in the bedroom, my God, there is something about a man who just takes control and breaks your walls down. Owns your body. Yes, Colton is sex multiplied ! And the first book is how what he wants and what she wants do not match- yet---- they are driven to each other , there chemistry is on overdrive. But can they reach an understanding???
Driven - Book 1 by k.Bromberg


This is how they are  drawn together and can they overcome all the past issues. Colton has many ex lovers and a past that haunts him. He wants rylee but he can not give her what she wants . But he can not stay away. Rylee finally feels again, and is falling hard and fast for him, she had a certain understanding to him because she sees him as a little boy and how he was hurt. He will be 're admit it to her but he knows that if there was one  person that could understand how his life was before - it is her. But this birch tawney ( uhh, hate her) she is a snake  gets in the way . I feel bad for Colton and yet threw my kindle 5x because of rylee and her stubbornness- then Colton and his ducked up way of thinking! Yup addictive, seductive, and heartbreaking..... can not wait till book three ! Crash... please read this it's not a book that you should just pass up...  I need to hear what u think  ! Please let mm e know. Happy Reading!!
BOOK 2.    <----- CLICK HERE


Sunday, September 8, 2013

T.M.Frazier --- The Dark Light of Day -

I was so excited to receive an ARC of " The Dark Light of Day," by T.M.Frazier.  This is her debut book.  There is something extra exciting to be reading a virgin author  ;)
So let me just get to the good stuff.
Ok This book is about a girl named Abby and a man named Jake....
Abby is 17 and her life is not prom dresses and pedicures. She is basically alone. She has a childhood many would not survive and she did. She is  damaged,has issues physically and mentally-- But the wall SHE built for her sanity and for her safety, it gets challenged.... what she built over the years, with just a   look the life SHE believed SHE would live did 180' and
His name is Jake....
Jake a bad guy in all aspects of black and white... He is a killer... literally... and She falls for him so hard. When circumstances occur and Abby gets thrown into the system, the one who is there to rescue her is the last person that should.
I loved this book, I have to warn you it is not hearts and's not  soft and sweet. But it is Dark,hot, sexy,raw and Deep. I laughed in this book , I wanted to throw my kindle across the room, and I held my breath and cried..... I read it in a night. Stayed up till 3:45 a.m. and left the dishes in the sink that night... That is how I knew this book is great!  Read it !  It comes out in November 2013 look for it , pre order it , put it on a wish list... I can not tell you enough ! There are books that gives you butterflies because the sex in it is so hot you squirm and blush, then there are books that gives you butterflies because you can't read fast enough to find out what the fuck just happened???  THIS DOES BOTH!!!!


Saturday, March 2, 2013

what I read this week

 I have been reading a lot . I have read Beautiful Bastards , Raid, Never too far, Instant Gratification ,Rush, Broken Hart, & I am at the beginning of Shattered Promises. I can not wait to  you about them all :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

R. K. Lilley - Up in The Air Series!

Mr. James Cavendish ...... Simply mouthwatering deliciousness .... I read this series in a week, 3 books : Book 1- "IN FLIGHT"  Book 2- " MILE HIGH"  Book -3 "GROUNDED"..
There are so any reasons why I loved this series. 1) It is my standard of alpha male in control mixed with sassy girl lead. 2) The story has many side relationships, the characters Stephan and Bianca are amazing ( I want him as my best friend) . 3) The dark storyline of Bianca and her past, James and his past. Etc.. I can go on and on  lol! Mr. James Cavendish is a man that is usually in control and never feels emotionally with the ones he is having sex with, to him it's a way of life, until Bianca . Bianca wakes up his emotions he new from the beginning that she is special, the thing is she has so much baggage and sometimes when you are broken and closed off for so long it nearly impossible to let anyone in... She knows Mr. Cavendish is her weakness that she looses control with him but she never thought that her life she always saw for her future was going to be overtaken by the will of one man. . Read this series trust me there are a scenes that will make you shutter & cry & laugh ... I was SOOO happy to find this series! Let me know what you think.. Happy Reading!!! Xoxox




Sunday, February 10, 2013

Instant Attraction- by Jill Shalvis

So I live in NY and we are snowed in , so of coarse I read the perfect book. Instant attraction is about 3 Wilder brothers ( it's a series) I only read book 1 . They own a ski resort lol! Yup perfect book book"! This is about Cameron Wilder  and Katie Kramer. Katie was living a very blah life until one average commute to work change her. Katie almost died, from that moment on she did a 180, left her life in L.A. And headed to where ever her car took her. She ended up as a temp. For the wilder brothers. Working as there book keeper. She loved it. And wanted to live life filled with adventures, and in the moment.  She never realized the biggest adventure was going to be the man who walked into her cabin while she was asleep.. Cameron Wilder  ex extreme sports star was now home after a year gone. He was no longer a star because an injury took him out of the spot light. So the past year he was searching for something, a feeling, a way to continue life.... Returning home  to the resort he went to his cabin exhausted just wanting to sleep. Well that's when he saw Katie . Sleeping in his bed..  The both of them  are instantly drawn to each other but they do not make it easy.. They are both in the place of there lives that horrible things transpired and they need to move on . The just didn't realize that  with each other they heal. It  was a funny book. I laughed my ass off at times. I love the witty banter between the family. I want to go to " Wilder  Adventures " and just hang out they seem all so fun. There is a character in the book Annie, and She was absolutely hysterical, I so could relate to her lol!  It was a quick read. Not as raunchy as my usual ;-) but the love scenes were hot. I enjoyed it. Loved Cam, he is freaking adorable. Katie was  so determined to be adventurous , her talking to herself  made me laugh. I really liked it, plus like I said after getting 20 " of snow, it was a perfect time to read this. Problem was when I heard a snow mobile out side my heart fluttered and I was like " Cam.? And then I all to quickly I realized ..NOPE ..damn!  ;-) Happy  Reading xoxox

Instant Attraction CLICK HERE ;-)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Beauty From Pain - by Georgia Cates

Oh where do I begin, Thank You Georgia Cates!  I have been very lucky this past week because all the books I have read were amazing ;) (love when that happens... Ok, let me begin. The character's in story are both charming and they draw you in. Jack McLachlan is a wealthy vineyard owner that does not want the complication's of emotional expectations in a companion.His life is very busy and travels a lot so he makes mutual agreements with his chosen lover's to never reveal true names and that after the time spent together they would part and never be heard from future contact. nothing but sex not love.. so when he is searching for his number 12, this is when his life changes....First he hears her, then sees her....Laurelyn Prescott, she is an American only here for 3 months because she is traveling with best friend for four  years to visit her friends brother in Australia. She welcomes the trip for more then one reason, she hoping to heal her heart after she was destroyed by an ex back home. She is a musician and when she finds herself on stage her first night out in Australia at an open Mic night she would have never guessed that this would be the moment the rest of her stay in the down under would alter her life forever... Lachlan ;-) (he is freaking orgasmicly HOT ,SORRY HAD A MOMENT LOL!)  he has ruled and when he wants something he makes it happen. he Laurelyn, the rules of no names. no commitment. never letting the other in there real life world- starts to get complicated. The lines that always where black and white for him,he now to find himself wanting to cross.. can she the one.... I laughed my ass of reading parts this book ( especially when they go to a club in Sydney) this book was a quick read because i couldn't stop reading it. I wish I didn't have to wait till summer part two ;-( But all same I am put-ordering that as soon as it gets on Amazon ! Happy Reading xoxoClick here for Beauty From Pain by 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On Dublin Street - by Samantha Young

This book was recommended to me by my cousin Ria. To be honest I was not that eager to read it. Sooooooo Glad I did. The characters in this book are great because(this may sound fucked up) are both broken I love that. I love  that the love interest's Jocelyn & Braden are both in agreement this is an arrangement - friends with benefits.No emotions just sex and friendship..Joss suffers a traumatic loss when she was a young girl that leaves her emotionally vacant- Braden this wealthy closed off hot guy.,Meet by random chance..The sexual pull between them is off the freaking charts !! . Then fate takes over....Braden 
...oh dear Lord ....He is bloody sexy !!!  I WANT TO MOVE TO DUBLIN STREET! It's a quick read get through 30 pages and you will be like me up at 2a.m. because you had to finish it  ;)   Happy Reading ! xox

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rule- by Jay Crownover

Ok, first let me say this book was a great read . I fell in love with Rule & Shaw.. I was very pleasantly surprised how much I liked it. A very prominent family has a daughter that they do not treat kindly, the bad boy Rule who doesn't really see what has been in front of him the whole time.. It was  at times a hard read because the editing was not so great.. A lot of mistakes but you know it was a good book when you really don't care lol!  I did get frustrated at times I won't lie but I had to keep reading to find out what happens to Rule & Shaw... Plus i am a sucker for a tattooed ,pierced sexy as hell character lol! This book will surprise you :)

RULE- by Jay Crownover

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beneath This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas

This just in!!! Yes my friends Jesse is out EARLY! Get it now on amazon!!! I am sooo excited!
Beneath This Man!!! I am can not contain my excitement ! Guess what I am reading today !!! JESSE!

JESSE FUCKING WARD!!! (Yes, Jesse I know MOUTH ) I have not read a book that on every page gave me butterflies. This book did. Jodi Ellen Malpas wrote a book that captures you. It consumes you. Every character just is so endearing . You love them and HATE them. In book two it really does continue from book 1 (which I appreciate) Jesse you get to know more, you see his weaknesses and yet he still remains-"challenging and a control freak" lol! i am soooo happy with this book... Loved it. The sex scene are H-O-T! HOT! Oh dear LORD ( no pun intended lol! ) i wish i receive the count down, or a reminder fuck lol! I have to tell you, if you love the books i read - then you will WORSHIP JESSE WARD! Read it, Tell me what you think! can not wait till book 3, comes out in Spring- ish lol!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorenson

Callie is a girl who suffered a horrible life altering situation at the age of 12. At 12 you are supposed to be still innocent and bright eyed, but on her birthday that was TAKEN from her. She became at the outcast. The freak. In the shadows.. Invisible..
Kayden, star football player, Mr.popular to everyone- perfect. But he has scares literally physically and night when he finally gives up, gives in to the inevitable. Callie shows up - Saves him- Changes him- then disappears. Kayden runs into her again ;) at college. The unknowingly are attending the same school. After that moment, Kayden can not get her out of his head- she is consuming him.. Callie is very much still trying to stay in the shadows, but after making a friend. She finds herself trying to join the world- at arms length. Kayden is drawn to her, wanting to get to her. He want to break the walls down. He does and realizes she may be the one he is suppose to save... It is an emotion read.. I cried...i loved it .. Can not wait  till book two : The Redemption of Callie & Kayden!

The-Coincidence of Callie&Kayden

This Man - by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Jesse Ward... Jesse Ward....  JESSE FUCKING WARD! Sorry,oop's . I had a moment..
First off I actually bought a Kindle Fire because of THIS book! Yes, its not out on the NOOK  ( do not even ask me to go there!)  All I kept being asked was:  Did you read " This Man " yet? and I HATED  the fact I didn't.  So after saving my pennies lol! I did..  SOOOOOOO HAPPY I DID!! 

Ava O'Shea is an interior designer. She is moving fast up the business latter because she is really good. Young, but age has doesn't matter. After completing an amazing job on the   Lusso project, she is making a name for herself. She was hired for a new project that requested her, specifically. She goes to her first consultation at "The Manor" the moment that she meet Jesse Ward was the moment life changed for her. What she was expecting was not what she encountered... Instead, he is young, smoldering, Sexy as hell itself and confident...Her brain and senses are overwhelmed and she can not function. Jesse new the moment he saw her. He. Wanted. HER. How much he never would have anticipated  She does her best to stay away from this situation because she knows this wont be good. But he want what he wants and he will have her..Letting her go is not an option... When she seem's to give in Jesse has a past and  present that look as if it will not let him be at peace.. Will she run in the different direction.. Will he survive the circumstances... OMG! I do not want to give it away ! LOVED IT ! P.S. Jesse has a friend named Sam, ADORABLE! HOT! Had to say that too ;) Please trust me.. This book is great get past the first few chapters then you will be up at 3 a.m. like me! Happy reading ;) xoxoxo  CAN NOT WAIT TILL BOOK TWO!! 
This-Man-Trilogy- CLICK HERE!
Hello MY Book Worms :)
I know I have been MIA awhile but life hit me pretty hard. So now I am back and have so much to share with all of you! First thing ! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This Year is going to be amazing  ALL THE BOOKS TO READ! I am configuring a list of all the "NEW RELEASES"  to be coming out. I wish they had an app. for this ;) 
Also I need members to join a lot of the authors I love and correspond with look at the members and if I have enough I can do" give a ways"  ! YAY! So a lot of people who are stopping by, Thank you! But JOIN
I am proud of my little blog, to think I started this because my friends kept harassing me "What should I read now?"  over 6000 people have been apart of my journey.
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Lets get to the good parts all my new "Must Read's"!!! 
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