Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beneath This Man - Jodi Ellen Malpas

This just in!!! Yes my friends Jesse is out EARLY! Get it now on amazon!!! I am sooo excited!
Beneath This Man!!! I am can not contain my excitement ! Guess what I am reading today !!! JESSE!

JESSE FUCKING WARD!!! (Yes, Jesse I know MOUTH ) I have not read a book that on every page gave me butterflies. This book did. Jodi Ellen Malpas wrote a book that captures you. It consumes you. Every character just is so endearing . You love them and HATE them. In book two it really does continue from book 1 (which I appreciate) Jesse you get to know more, you see his weaknesses and yet he still remains-"challenging and a control freak" lol! i am soooo happy with this book... Loved it. The sex scene are H-O-T! HOT! Oh dear LORD ( no pun intended lol! ) i wish i receive the count down, or a reminder fuck lol! I have to tell you, if you love the books i read - then you will WORSHIP JESSE WARD! Read it, Tell me what you think! can not wait till book 3, comes out in Spring- ish lol!


Friday, January 11, 2013

Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorenson

Callie is a girl who suffered a horrible life altering situation at the age of 12. At 12 you are supposed to be still innocent and bright eyed, but on her birthday that was TAKEN from her. She became at the outcast. The freak. In the shadows.. Invisible..
Kayden, star football player, Mr.popular to everyone- perfect. But he has scares literally physically and night when he finally gives up, gives in to the inevitable. Callie shows up - Saves him- Changes him- then disappears. Kayden runs into her again ;) at college. The unknowingly are attending the same school. After that moment, Kayden can not get her out of his head- she is consuming him.. Callie is very much still trying to stay in the shadows, but after making a friend. She finds herself trying to join the world- at arms length. Kayden is drawn to her, wanting to get to her. He want to break the walls down. He does and realizes she may be the one he is suppose to save... It is an emotion read.. I cried...i loved it .. Can not wait  till book two : The Redemption of Callie & Kayden!

The-Coincidence of Callie&Kayden

This Man - by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Jesse Ward... Jesse Ward....  JESSE FUCKING WARD! Sorry,oop's . I had a moment..
First off I actually bought a Kindle Fire because of THIS book! Yes, its not out on the NOOK  ( do not even ask me to go there!)  All I kept being asked was:  Did you read " This Man " yet? and I HATED  the fact I didn't.  So after saving my pennies lol! I did..  SOOOOOOO HAPPY I DID!! 

Ava O'Shea is an interior designer. She is moving fast up the business latter because she is really good. Young, but age has doesn't matter. After completing an amazing job on the   Lusso project, she is making a name for herself. She was hired for a new project that requested her, specifically. She goes to her first consultation at "The Manor" the moment that she meet Jesse Ward was the moment life changed for her. What she was expecting was not what she encountered... Instead, he is young, smoldering, Sexy as hell itself and confident...Her brain and senses are overwhelmed and she can not function. Jesse new the moment he saw her. He. Wanted. HER. How much he never would have anticipated  She does her best to stay away from this situation because she knows this wont be good. But he want what he wants and he will have her..Letting her go is not an option... When she seem's to give in Jesse has a past and  present that look as if it will not let him be at peace.. Will she run in the different direction.. Will he survive the circumstances... OMG! I do not want to give it away ! LOVED IT ! P.S. Jesse has a friend named Sam, ADORABLE! HOT! Had to say that too ;) Please trust me.. This book is great get past the first few chapters then you will be up at 3 a.m. like me! Happy reading ;) xoxoxo  CAN NOT WAIT TILL BOOK TWO!! 
This-Man-Trilogy- CLICK HERE!
Hello MY Book Worms :)
I know I have been MIA awhile but life hit me pretty hard. So now I am back and have so much to share with all of you! First thing ! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This Year is going to be amazing  ALL THE BOOKS TO READ! I am configuring a list of all the "NEW RELEASES"  to be coming out. I wish they had an app. for this ;) 
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