Friday, January 11, 2013

Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorenson

Callie is a girl who suffered a horrible life altering situation at the age of 12. At 12 you are supposed to be still innocent and bright eyed, but on her birthday that was TAKEN from her. She became at the outcast. The freak. In the shadows.. Invisible..
Kayden, star football player, Mr.popular to everyone- perfect. But he has scares literally physically and night when he finally gives up, gives in to the inevitable. Callie shows up - Saves him- Changes him- then disappears. Kayden runs into her again ;) at college. The unknowingly are attending the same school. After that moment, Kayden can not get her out of his head- she is consuming him.. Callie is very much still trying to stay in the shadows, but after making a friend. She finds herself trying to join the world- at arms length. Kayden is drawn to her, wanting to get to her. He want to break the walls down. He does and realizes she may be the one he is suppose to save... It is an emotion read.. I cried...i loved it .. Can not wait  till book two : The Redemption of Callie & Kayden!

The-Coincidence of Callie&Kayden


  1. OK, I bought, I couldn't resist the whole $.99 price of it!

    Oh I read a good series so far, nothing too heavy like Bared to You, 50 Shades, etc. but is No Turning Back & Turn to Me by Tiffany A. Snow. So good, there will be a 3rd book coming out.

  2. I thought I had made a comment on this book but I ♥ THIS BOOK! Such a fantastic story. I cannot wait until book comes out at the end of February. I already have it marked in my calendar to purchase it on the day it does. UGH, hopefully by then I am not reading everything on my iPhone and I have an iPad so everything is not so tiny! HA