Friday, February 8, 2013

Beauty From Pain - by Georgia Cates

Oh where do I begin, Thank You Georgia Cates!  I have been very lucky this past week because all the books I have read were amazing ;) (love when that happens... Ok, let me begin. The character's in story are both charming and they draw you in. Jack McLachlan is a wealthy vineyard owner that does not want the complication's of emotional expectations in a companion.His life is very busy and travels a lot so he makes mutual agreements with his chosen lover's to never reveal true names and that after the time spent together they would part and never be heard from future contact. nothing but sex not love.. so when he is searching for his number 12, this is when his life changes....First he hears her, then sees her....Laurelyn Prescott, she is an American only here for 3 months because she is traveling with best friend for four  years to visit her friends brother in Australia. She welcomes the trip for more then one reason, she hoping to heal her heart after she was destroyed by an ex back home. She is a musician and when she finds herself on stage her first night out in Australia at an open Mic night she would have never guessed that this would be the moment the rest of her stay in the down under would alter her life forever... Lachlan ;-) (he is freaking orgasmicly HOT ,SORRY HAD A MOMENT LOL!)  he has ruled and when he wants something he makes it happen. he Laurelyn, the rules of no names. no commitment. never letting the other in there real life world- starts to get complicated. The lines that always where black and white for him,he now to find himself wanting to cross.. can she the one.... I laughed my ass of reading parts this book ( especially when they go to a club in Sydney) this book was a quick read because i couldn't stop reading it. I wish I didn't have to wait till summer part two ;-( But all same I am put-ordering that as soon as it gets on Amazon ! Happy Reading xoxoClick here for Beauty From Pain by 


  1. HOLY MOSES I LOVED THIS BOOK! I will be rereading it a couple of times before the next one comes out. I really should not read books until the whole series comes out because I just get frustrated WAITING! I HATE waiting! So of the lines she says to him at the end of the book made we want to cry! Such a beautiful book!

    **Just on a side note, I have seen many book review sites who talk about the books you talk about and they do not have their sites set to Content Warning like you do. I think this hinders you a bit when it comes to search engines! Just a thought!**

  2. Angie, I am SOOO Glad you loved it! I can not wait till book 2 ! I am currently reading a book right now that I think you will LOVE but I have to finish it first ;)
    As for the *Warning ** to enter the site- Bc the books are mostly highly erotic, and I tend to write a little naughty * I would not want my blog to be shut dowm :( so I am like the little train that could lol! but I will look more into it :)

  3. Ok, Angie lets see what happens i lifted the filter-- hope i helps my blog :) thanxs xoxox

  4. Ok I need a book to read NOW! Share the wealth sister! HA, I have been looking and looking and can't find a good one. I even asked on Facebook and people have not given me any that sound good.

  5. Also, I found out about the Adult Content thing. This is what 2 blog designers said:

    Blogger defines adult content as "nudity or sexual activity" and doesn't really specify from there, so I'd say it's a personal decision of the blog author. However, if someone were to click the "report abuse" button for that blog, Blogger might deem it as adult content and force the interstitial warning page.


    If posting exerpts from those books or discussing the content of them in detail, then I would say yes to the Adult Content warning. Adult Content is not just pictures and videos, but written.

    So your decision. I think either way you are OK, because I have seen MUCH WORST on open blogs than what you have posted!