Sunday, February 10, 2013

Instant Attraction- by Jill Shalvis

So I live in NY and we are snowed in , so of coarse I read the perfect book. Instant attraction is about 3 Wilder brothers ( it's a series) I only read book 1 . They own a ski resort lol! Yup perfect book book"! This is about Cameron Wilder  and Katie Kramer. Katie was living a very blah life until one average commute to work change her. Katie almost died, from that moment on she did a 180, left her life in L.A. And headed to where ever her car took her. She ended up as a temp. For the wilder brothers. Working as there book keeper. She loved it. And wanted to live life filled with adventures, and in the moment.  She never realized the biggest adventure was going to be the man who walked into her cabin while she was asleep.. Cameron Wilder  ex extreme sports star was now home after a year gone. He was no longer a star because an injury took him out of the spot light. So the past year he was searching for something, a feeling, a way to continue life.... Returning home  to the resort he went to his cabin exhausted just wanting to sleep. Well that's when he saw Katie . Sleeping in his bed..  The both of them  are instantly drawn to each other but they do not make it easy.. They are both in the place of there lives that horrible things transpired and they need to move on . The just didn't realize that  with each other they heal. It  was a funny book. I laughed my ass off at times. I love the witty banter between the family. I want to go to " Wilder  Adventures " and just hang out they seem all so fun. There is a character in the book Annie, and She was absolutely hysterical, I so could relate to her lol!  It was a quick read. Not as raunchy as my usual ;-) but the love scenes were hot. I enjoyed it. Loved Cam, he is freaking adorable. Katie was  so determined to be adventurous , her talking to herself  made me laugh. I really liked it, plus like I said after getting 20 " of snow, it was a perfect time to read this. Problem was when I heard a snow mobile out side my heart fluttered and I was like " Cam.? And then I all to quickly I realized ..NOPE ..damn!  ;-) Happy  Reading xoxox

Instant Attraction CLICK HERE ;-)

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