Wednesday, February 6, 2013

On Dublin Street - by Samantha Young

This book was recommended to me by my cousin Ria. To be honest I was not that eager to read it. Sooooooo Glad I did. The characters in this book are great because(this may sound fucked up) are both broken I love that. I love  that the love interest's Jocelyn & Braden are both in agreement this is an arrangement - friends with benefits.No emotions just sex and friendship..Joss suffers a traumatic loss when she was a young girl that leaves her emotionally vacant- Braden this wealthy closed off hot guy.,Meet by random chance..The sexual pull between them is off the freaking charts !! . Then fate takes over....Braden 
...oh dear Lord ....He is bloody sexy !!!  I WANT TO MOVE TO DUBLIN STREET! It's a quick read get through 30 pages and you will be like me up at 2a.m. because you had to finish it  ;)   Happy Reading ! xox

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