Sunday, September 15, 2013

The DrivenTrilogy - K.Bromberg

Let me say this first! One of my favorite reads this year. I read them both in 4 days and I can not tell you enough how I am passed that I did not realize book three is not out yet... I usually like to read them together because I an a very impatient person ;) 
Well I fucking loved this book series as so far READ THIS BOOK!  
It's about a broken girl who has issues from the past that after years SHE can not move on from.
Rylee Thomas I love SHE is hysterical and solo relatable. She has a job taking care of boys young boys that have no one.. Her  us selflessness is admirable. She has her hands full with the hope to expand her foundation. So at her event to get donations she found herself locked in a closet, to then be rescued by the man who would finally bring her back to life.  Yet also throw challenges that will test her emotionally and professionally. 
Colten Donovan, the race car driver that is the most wanted man to date. All the girls want him all the men want to be like him. He has a playboy lifestyle.  Yet he has this other side a side who helps children, the broken one's , the ones he can relate to. Children has demons,secrets, and scares. He believes he does not deserve love and will never feel it. I believe he truly doesn't want to. Until he opens the door to what I think at done point was his heart to a girl that will drive him to the limits and push back... I love Colton. I love him and his wickedly way of thinking. He is commanding in the bedroom, my God, there is something about a man who just takes control and breaks your walls down. Owns your body. Yes, Colton is sex multiplied ! And the first book is how what he wants and what she wants do not match- yet---- they are driven to each other , there chemistry is on overdrive. But can they reach an understanding???
Driven - Book 1 by k.Bromberg


This is how they are  drawn together and can they overcome all the past issues. Colton has many ex lovers and a past that haunts him. He wants rylee but he can not give her what she wants . But he can not stay away. Rylee finally feels again, and is falling hard and fast for him, she had a certain understanding to him because she sees him as a little boy and how he was hurt. He will be 're admit it to her but he knows that if there was one  person that could understand how his life was before - it is her. But this birch tawney ( uhh, hate her) she is a snake  gets in the way . I feel bad for Colton and yet threw my kindle 5x because of rylee and her stubbornness- then Colton and his ducked up way of thinking! Yup addictive, seductive, and heartbreaking..... can not wait till book three ! Crash... please read this it's not a book that you should just pass up...  I need to hear what u think  ! Please let mm e know. Happy Reading!!
BOOK 2.    <----- CLICK HERE


Sunday, September 8, 2013

T.M.Frazier --- The Dark Light of Day -

I was so excited to receive an ARC of " The Dark Light of Day," by T.M.Frazier.  This is her debut book.  There is something extra exciting to be reading a virgin author  ;)
So let me just get to the good stuff.
Ok This book is about a girl named Abby and a man named Jake....
Abby is 17 and her life is not prom dresses and pedicures. She is basically alone. She has a childhood many would not survive and she did. She is  damaged,has issues physically and mentally-- But the wall SHE built for her sanity and for her safety, it gets challenged.... what she built over the years, with just a   look the life SHE believed SHE would live did 180' and
His name is Jake....
Jake a bad guy in all aspects of black and white... He is a killer... literally... and She falls for him so hard. When circumstances occur and Abby gets thrown into the system, the one who is there to rescue her is the last person that should.
I loved this book, I have to warn you it is not hearts and's not  soft and sweet. But it is Dark,hot, sexy,raw and Deep. I laughed in this book , I wanted to throw my kindle across the room, and I held my breath and cried..... I read it in a night. Stayed up till 3:45 a.m. and left the dishes in the sink that night... That is how I knew this book is great!  Read it !  It comes out in November 2013 look for it , pre order it , put it on a wish list... I can not tell you enough ! There are books that gives you butterflies because the sex in it is so hot you squirm and blush, then there are books that gives you butterflies because you can't read fast enough to find out what the fuck just happened???  THIS DOES BOTH!!!!