Wednesday, October 3, 2012


It is FINALLY here!! Part two of Gideon's story "REFLECTED in YOU" by Sylvia Day!! I am sooo excited ! Just needed to tell you ! I hope all of you are ready because I can not wait to talk about it ! Reading it as we speak and loving it!!!    I thought I would share my version of Gideon :)
 Enjoy !Happy Reading! xoxox

 Click HERE for Reflected in You!!! BOOK 2 of GIDEON!!!!
Gideon! Ok, Just realized never gave my review.. Loved it! how could you not, He is Hot, Sexy, and Powerful! Hello! I wanted to throw my nook a couple of times but it was worth it.. I did not like how short it was but, I guess they split the book so it would be three, i don't know.. Just wanted more Gideon .. Great sequel... cant wait till New Years Eve!


  1. OK, book 3 better be A LOT better than book 2. I was not all that impressed with Reflected in You. I read it one day and will reread it but it did not grab me like Bared to You, 50 Shades or even Gabriel Inferno and Rapture.

    I hated how it ended. There was so much going at the end, that it got lost in my opinion. I am guessing she will go into more depth in book 3 but to me book 3 should be winding everything up instead going into more detail. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Angie, I was upset that it was so short , but I loved it . I liked the twists. Yes I do agree to much at end, I hope the other book will be longer and answer all the questions. But you have to love Gideon. His character remains strong. But I love that you wrote your comment :) bc the authors need to know what we think :) did you read thoughtless yet?? U would love it!

  3. OK, I missed something, who writes Thoughtless?