Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello MY Book Worms :)
I know I have been MIA awhile but life hit me pretty hard. So now I am back and have so much to share with all of you! First thing ! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This Year is going to be amazing  ALL THE BOOKS TO READ! I am configuring a list of all the "NEW RELEASES"  to be coming out. I wish they had an app. for this ;) 
Also I need members to join a lot of the authors I love and correspond with look at the members and if I have enough I can do" give a ways"  ! YAY! So a lot of people who are stopping by, Thank you! But JOIN
I am proud of my little blog, to think I started this because my friends kept harassing me "What should I read now?"  over 6000 people have been apart of my journey.
Thank you... XOXO
Lets get to the good parts all my new "Must Read's"!!! 
The Sweet & Sassy Book Worm is Back ;)


  1. Speaking of new releases Jamie Mcguire author of beautiful disaster posted on facebook that if she gets 30000 likes by Tuesday they will be releasing the book walking disaster, 2 weeks early she is only a little over 1000 short. so please get the word out to like her page please.

  2. Well here it goes, I need some help finding a book to read! I ♥ 50 Shades of Grey, I love how the characters evolve in the 3 books and I have read them 4 - 5 times because I just love them so!

    I loved Bared to you & Reflected in You (even though I HATED how this one ended, I am hoping book 3 explains a lot of it). I was not a fan of Effortless and Thoughtless (Kiera was too whiney for me) however, the Chapter 1 of book 3 sounds FANTASTIC even though she goes off and starts crying at the very beginning. I read Unleashed, Rock Me and Leave me Breathless and loved all of them. However, I wish there was a little bit more explaining of the after part for book 3.

    I want a good book that is between 350 - 400 (can be more) pages that will be evolved into a triology that mixes 50 Shades and the last 3 books I mentioned with a little bit of Bared to you and Reflected in You. Is that too much to ask? HA

    Do you know of any books that will fill this request?

  3. I just read This man- by Jodi Ellen malpas -it's a series and I loved it! There is always the sweet series by Maya banks ( but it's very NOT VANILLA ;)) the Blackstone affair series by rains Miller is a alpha male - loved it! I just finished book 2 of the bad boy series ( down to you- is book1- by M.Leighton - really enjoyed it - just some I liked :) did you read the sinner on tour series ???by Olivia Cunning - hope this was helpful :-) Happy Reading xoxo