Friday, August 10, 2012

Lynsay Sands " The Lady Is A Vamp" (#17 Argeneau Vampire Series)

I still love Lynsay Sands :) I read this in 3 days and though i have not been going towards the "vampire type" books lately. I have a sorta commitment to this series. i feel an sorta  connection to it lol! but as always it was a pleasant surprise.  It was a about Jeanne Louise Argeneau ( sister of Nicholas , love him still lol) and the fact she was kidnapped by a co worker Paul. What should be a a horrific situation turns out to be the opposite. The back story of Paul pulls at your heart, and you feel yourself rooting for him! And of coarse The sex scenes in this is - Blushing good lol!
OK, So- bottom line - YUP! Still LOVE my Vampires :{  <---- that's my Vamp teeth lol!
Happy Reading! xoxo

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